Principal Investigator


Yunyan Qiu Ph.D.
Presidential Young Professor
Department of Chemistry
National University of Singapore

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Dr. Yunyan Qiu completed his undergraduate training, majoring in medicinal chemistry, at Peking University with Professor Demin Zhou. Then he came to the United States and earned his Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University under the guidance of Professor Kevin Noonan and Tomek Kowalewski. During his graduate study, Dr. Qiu’s research encompassed organometallic chemistry and polymer science, focusing on the rational design of conjugated polymers and developing controlled methodologies to afford well-defined functional materials using metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions. Since December 2016, Dr. Qiu has been a postdoctoral fellow working with Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart, the 2016 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, at Northwestern University (NU), where he researches molecular machines and related functional materials. In October 2021, Dr. Qiu is promoted to a research assistant professor of chemistry at NU.

In Fall 2022, Yunyan will start his independent career as a Presidential Young Professor (PYP) of Chemistry at National University of Singapore.

To know more about Dr. Qiu, please check the spotlight page produced by International Institute for Nanotechnology at Northwestern University.

Professional Appointment

October 2022 Presidential Young Professor of Chemistry

National University of Singapore

October 2021 Research Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Northwestern University

Education and Professional Training

Dec 2016–Sep 2021 Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University

with Sir Fraser Stoddart

Aug 2011–Sep 2016 Ph.D. Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University

with Professor Kevin Noonan and Tomasz Kowalewski

Sep 2007–Jul 2011 B.S. Medicinal Chemistry / Pharmaceutical Science

Peking University Health Science Center with Professor Demin Zhou

Awards and Recognition

2021 Foresight Fellow in Molecular Machines

2020 Dream Chemistry Top 5 Prize

2020 International Institute for Nanotechnology Outstanding Researcher Award

2018 CAS SciFinder® Future Leaders

2018 PMSE Future Faculty Scholars, ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA

2017 ACS Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium

2015 John and Nancy Harrison Legacy Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry and Biochemistry, CMU

The Team

We are looking for creative, dedicated and highly motivated individuals to join our laboratory!

Interested postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, undergraduate students, and research assistants who are interested in exploring new chemistry are encouraged to apply directly by contacting Dr. Qiu.

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