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We research in the broad fields of synthetic organic chemistry, polymer science, and supramolecular chemistry to produce functional dynamic materials for next-generation applications.

The Qiu lab is officially open in October 2022 and stay tuned for the exciting chemistry we do at NUS!


What We Do

The research conducted in the Qiu laboratory will rely on interdisciplinary applications of synthetic, organometallic, supramolecular and polymer chemistry, along with catalysis and the chemistry of the mechanical bond to generate a variety of functional dynamic materials and solve fundamental problems in materials science and sustainability by harnessing polymer networks and porous frameworks. In particular, we are interested in employing the mechanical bond to tune materials properties and tame catalysis/polymerization processes.

Latest Publications

An Electric Molecular Motor

Zhang, L.; Qiu, Y.; Liu, W.-G.; Chen, H.; Shen, D.; Song, B.; Cai, K.; Wu, H.; Jiao, Y.; Feng, Y.; Seale, J. S. W.; Pezzato, C.; Tian, J.; Tan, Y.; Chen, X.-Y.; Guo, Q.-H.; Stern, C. L.; Philp, D.; Astumian, R. D.; Goddard, W. A.; Stoddart, J. F.

Nature 2023, 613, 280–286.

Join the team!

We are looking for creative, dedicated and highly motivated individuals to join our laboratory!

Potential postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, undergraduate students, and research assistants who are interested in exploring new chemistry are encouraged to apply directly by contacting Dr. Qiu.

For more information, see the Join Us tab.

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